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Diary of a Vigilante

J'onn, this is so stupid.

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Birthdate:Jul 19
As a very young child, Tim Drake went to the circus with his parents—Jack and Janet—where he witnessed a horrible crime—the murder of Dick Grayson’s parents, whom he had met prior to the show in which they died. The memory of that day haunted him, and he became obsessed with it. At nine years old, he saw a news-clip of Batman and Robin and recognized Dick as Robin. From there, it was an easy jump to Bruce Wayne as Batman. At thirteen, following the death of Jason Todd (the second Robin), Tim approached Dick to ask him to become Robin again, believing that Batman needs a Robin for balance. When Dick refused, Tim took up the mantle.

While Tim was working toward becoming Robin, his parents—often away—were attacked and held hostage. His mother died as a result of this, and his father was put into a coma. While Jack Drake was in the hospital, Tim stayed with neighbor and family friend, Bruce Wayne, and began working with Batman as Robin.

When Tim’s father came out of his coma, he was paralyzed, and Tim had a new secret—his Robin ID. His father eventually made a full recovery with the aid of a physical therapist—Dana—whom he fell in love with and married. Tim and his father’s relationship became strained as Jack tried to reconnect with Tim, who was keeping secrets and spending a lot of time with Bruce Wayne.

As Robin, Tim worked with and was trained by Batman and—briefly—the Lady Shiva (a world-class assassin). He was a hero in Gotham during a number of city-wide crises, including catastrophic earthquakes, deadly viruses, and gang wars. It was as Robin that he met his long-term girlfriend, Stephanie, who died in the gang wars after a brief time as Robin (Tim quit for a while after his father found out about his activities). Shortly after the death of his girlfriend, his father was also murdered, and his stepmother suffered a mental breakdown, causing Tim to move to a different city to get a little distance.

Tim has also led two teams of young superheroes—Young Justice, and then the Teen Titans. It was in Young Justice that Tim met his two closest friends—Kon-El/Conner Kent (Superboy) and Bart Allen (Impulse/Kid Flash). During a huge, multiverse-wide crisis, both Kid Flash and Superboy fought a duplicate version of Superboy (Superboy Prime). Superboy was killed trying to stop him, and Kid Flash was aged a number of years. A year later—as the Flash—Bart Allen was murdered by the Rogues. Both deaths devastated Tim.

After Superboy’s death, he left on a year-long trip around the world with Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne, who later adopted him when they returned to Gotham City. Tim also adopted new costume colors, and a slightly different design in honor of Conner’s memory.

Death, however, is rarely permanent in DC comics, and it was soon discovered that Stephanie was not dead, as previously believed, and she returned to Gotham to begin working with the Bat family again. Superboy and Kid Flash likewise returned, but then the unthinkable happened. Batman was killed.

Dick Grayson took up the mantle of Batman, replacing Tim as Robin with Damian Wayne, Bruce's biological son. Tim was hurt, but he didn't believe that Bruce was truly dead, and so he left Gotham as Red Robin, and began the search to find out what had really happened to Bruce Wayne. During this time, he allied himself briefly with Ra's al Ghul, the head of the League of Assassins. Together, they discovered that Bruce had not really died, but been sent back in time. While allied with Ra's he secretly began to work to take down the organization from within, and succeeded by blowing up the League's base and crippling the organization

He soon returned to Gotham to stop Ra's from taking over Wayne Enterprises and killing Bruce Wayne's allies in the city. While his friends protected the targets from Ra's assassins, he was made CEO of Wayne Enterprises, so that Ra's would be unable to destroy the company. When he confronted Ra's, he acknowledged that Tim had actually beaten him and called him “Detective,” a title he had previously reserved for Bruce alone.

After the confrontation with Ra's, Tim began operating out of Gotham again. He made up with Dick, though he still had an adversarial relationship with Damian, and he started to take up a more active role in Wayne Enterprises. In this role, he came into conflict with a pair of dirty cops who tried to have him killed. Instead of shooting Tim, however, the assassin they hired shot one of his friends, a shape-changer who was doubling as him. He took the opportunity to throw off two people who were trying to link him to his secret identity by faking a spinal injury with a long recovery time. As Tim Drake-Wayne, he now walks with a set of crutches.

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